Перевод песни Chimaira – Clayden

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lay a sullen grin upon this helpless knave
And lead the way that you wish
For these chained hands will always follow
The guilt and shame you guide me with
For I am here and will never leave
Sear the symphonies that lead you to elude my presence
Breaking yet another piece of me
The pieces of shattered life are left scattered behind
I touched a lamb, this is the lamb I touched
Could I ever be taken from your side
A cold light would dim so low
Could I ever lift this forceful fear implanted
An extinguished fever, I could breathe no more
Uncover these hands to leave them stretch out
For you to view the palms stained of crimson glistening
Wide open, these hands aren’t yours
They are not the ones you owned before
No longer am I the lifeless fool
So long a possession you thought was needed to be placed on me
Ran out with blood you spilled over my corpse
This is the enemy that you’ve created
From a lifeless fool
I am not the prey for which to feed
All I want is to see starvation set
Lamb you told me to obey, lamb
Lamb thy enemy