Перевод песни Khoma – Like Coming Home

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Just like rain hits the ground,
scatters to bring life.
Or great waves come crashing down,
turn this life around.
The minute your hand
reached out for mine,
bursting out of time.
Brought life through love,
I came home.
When all seems lost, hang on.
We’ll make it out of here as one.
This life through love, so strong.
Breathing of you is keeping me calm.
You’re eyes so soothing.
This ravaged world can’t keep us apart.
I’ll hear you screaming.
Feelings I held so deep inside,
stranded and uptight.
Now I know were they belong,
I came home
You’re the one
Just like rain hits the ground.
Fragile, winter breeze.
One touch and we’ll escape from this town,
to a place were time stands still.
If I can spare one single thought,
when my days are counted.
Please let me remember when we first kissed