Перевод песни FlipSyde – Skippin' Stones

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And I’ma drink and I’ma dip and I’ma ride and I’ma live
It’s just the way that I play
And I’ma think and I’ma spit and I’ma fly and I’ma give
Until the end of my day’s
I’m skippin' stones 'till I’m lost in the world
Fall in love and then get lost in a girl
You gotta live life and ain’t no tellin' what tomorrow can bring
As long as you breathin' and livin' ya dream
You gotta live life I’m packin' and leavin' travelin' and sight seein'
Writin' my name in the sand on the beach in the Caribbean
Hittin' the club give a pound and a hug to the thugs
Later on I’m makin' love on that bear skin rug
(Steve Knight)
Cause I’m skippin' town I’m skippin stones
I’m skippin' town I’m skippin' stones
I’m skippin' town I’m skippin' stones
And all I know is I’m alone
I feel the vibe inside me and I’m not gonna let it go
So come on and I’m laughin' and cryin' and buyin' time
I’m not gone let it go
So come on and I’m findin' a dime thata wanta good time
And I’m not gonna let her go
So come on and it’s all on the line but I’m still gone' shine
I’m not gone let it go Hey
Slow it down for a minute while I capture the sky
Surfing the clouds wind surfin' through a deep sea dive
The devil’s tryin' to get up in my soul but I’m not gone let it go
So come on and I’m drinkin' this spiritual wine so he can’t fuck with my flow
Keep on runnin' through all my days
He got a need for speed
But what you runnin' from playa
I think he runnin' from me
Take ya time and just relax
He ain’t got time to take
Slow it down and think about it
He got moves to make strugglin' and scrapin' takin' chances attemptin' to make
The time that was taken was tedious but fuck it we made it
Created much later now playin' n' singin' invaded with Piper n' Dave
And the angels bout to make us the greatest
Somebody save us the shit that we spittin' soundin' ridiculous
Rippin' and gifted with lyrics flavored up more than licorice
Shift it and kick it with enough spittage to make it Sickenin'
Skippin' stones, mama I’m gone its time to rip this shit