Перевод песни FlipSyde – Time

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Time, time is on your side
It’s a lovely ride you wanna step inside
Time, time is on your side
It’s a lovely ride you wanna step inside
We all fit to glide
When the time tic Pipe rhyme sick
Call 'em Jorginho Pull a dime chick
Run with a click like Al Pacino in the God Father
Bitch why bother fahgetaboutit
I’ll bang ya grand daughter if she in college
Don’t ever doubt it keep it cracked open like crack flowin' in western Oakland
Tryin' to stack somethin' from rap bustin' and keep on goin'
Like a drive by I ride high
With 90 guys that shoulda died high from bad vibes in 95
But I surprise guys
Never been thuggin' robbin or muggin doin' my thizzle
But kept under you gotta love 'em bodies is missin'
Sleepin' with fishes feedin' the worms
If I ain’t eatin' then I ain’t concerned
I’m out of time
Now I’m breathin inhalein' for the first time
Heart beatin keepin' the rhythym as I rhyme
And I can’t take a second cause it ain’t mine to take from dawn to late
I’m riding the wave It’s my fate singing
I’m ready for love I’m ready for hate I’m ready for shame bring it my way
Hey hey you touch me you feel me your my little lady from New Orleans
Smoke me down walk the streets with the ghost in the middle of the night
Just hey I’m headin' out West in search of faith in search of faith
And the pain stops when the rain drops its like sex 'n
Feelin' the beat from the heat and then keep flexin'
Next is continue stepin' and never stressin'
No second guessin' just believe
Receive the blessin'
I’m up at Bens Burgers Fuck what you heard of
Throw ya turf up on my CBR side show jerkin' and pickin' work up
On the sidewalk weavin' through cars doors is ajar
See them ghetto boys high as Uranus Saturn and Mars
This be the new Bay run in with pistols and lay 'em down
Cause ain’t no new yay sufferin' shortages in the town
Bring in the new day when it’s no politicians and cops and ain’t nobody
Starvin' and broke and nobody sellin' rocks