Перевод песни The Bouncing Souls – Old School

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Sing a song of old school I don't really care
Where you were or who you know
Sing a song of old school we don't really care
What you have to say about this
Show the music you love lost it's meaning
Because these people are not aware
Some people talk others are listening
Sometimes I think I just don't care it's
Easy to forget the choices we've made
And the promises of the past but if we Really listen to these old school ideals
We'll find what's good and make it Last sing a song of old school everyone
Knows but it seems we all forget the
Time we needed to see these ideals for
Ourselves and what it meant I guess I'm
On a soapbox singing a hymn that you don't
Want to hear no sermon when I step
Down and look around all I see is separation
Find what's good and make it last