Перевод песни Freak Power – Change My Mind

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When it comes to affairs of the head
I usually find that the better hung are the well read
See that sat beneath the tree of thought
Well five’ll get you ten that it’s me
If ignorance is paradise, I don’t agree
Every minute I try
To change my mind
Every minute I try
To change my mind
When it comes to affairs of the leg
Don’t try to purchase life’s tapestry off the peg
You might be sitting all alone in your room
Flying in an armchair ride
I think you’ll find when you’re looking out
You’ll see inside
Something in this world has changed my mind I find
I took a trip to heaven on the wings of mankind
Something in this world makes every sense, experience
Take me to Utopia, to hell with the expense
When it comes to affairs of the mouth
Come sup the sociable seminar in the deep south
Don’t tell me that talk is cheap
When it’s clear as my nose that it’s not
We make up all the characters, but not the plot