Перевод песни The Queers – Ursula Finally Has Tits

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When I first saw her, gee, I liked that girl
Even before her first pubic hair would curl
Then old Hubey said, «Hey, dude, check this out
Man, that 13-year-old punk rocker's chest started to sprout.»
And we all love her — Ursula
We all love her — Ursula
We all love her — Ursula
Our attention's undivided
Dammit we're excited!
'Cause Ursula finally has tit — all right
Ursula finally has tits — outta sight
Ursula finally has tits — now she's cool
Ursula finally has tits — check it out, dude
Ursula finally has tits
She went to the drug store, and I saw what she bought:
Maxi-pads, tampons, and a training bra
Eyeshadow, lipstick, smoking cigarettes
I think there's something that she needs to get off her chest