Перевод песни Bagheera – Isolation In An Accelerating Universe

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In 2165 there was a stir among the hive
when a boy's strange discovery was the catalyst
spreading rapidly 'til every human succame to the effect
and felt the all consuming need to move beyond the earth
and so it passed, they coalesced
the world in motion for the quest
their pre-migration marathon was running at a sprint
one hundred billion ships erect and ready
the fire from the flint
all on board, we lifted off the face, but the boy who
found the race
refused to leave, he stubbornly decreed,
«alone I shall remain here»
and as well all went up,
his expectations dropped like fles caught in the
atmosphere of Jupiter
it must be weird knowing you're the only one