Перевод песни Rudiments – No Future

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You'll be the death of me, cut myself to make you bleed
Sacrifice, look inside, rhetoric suicide
He serves his time in hell, finally now starts to see
Rain precise, clear joy of the whole new ending
'Till then we're on our knees, back and forth like swaying trees
Be quiet, walk softly, these mines are buried
And ready to explode
This well of loneliness is really starting to grow old
Right this second seems forever
I hope that you'll remember
Why did it have to come to that?
Right this second I'll remember
This moment seems forever
Why did it have to come to that?
Suddenly were locked down, it was the last one
Knew it'd come soon enough, simple, immediate
Outside in the short blue night, wandering in the broken life
Inside we're not so safe, cold and bright and scary
Constant and unrelenting, the heavy rain again
Absolute, ultimate, evil pain of the death means
Rebirth already begun
Shrivel up and die, waste away to nothing, then you grow
Anger's no substitute
Those days are gone
Two lovers now aloof
And neither one can tell 'tween right and wrong