Перевод песни Kevin Seconds – 1981

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I found another letter
This one was not much better
From a girl so long agaon
A girl I used to know in Reno
Yea things they kinda happened
But I flunked her test
Or something
Punk rock cured my misery
She said it ruined her and me Back in the day
We played in 1981
What's done is done
I thought
In 1981 I should explain the chorus
There was no future for us She made life feel ok We hung out every day
Then things got kinda creepy
She started getting weepy
Our things grew really odd
As soon as she found God
She moved to Sacramento
Gave back all my mementos
Stood there and watched her go Stayed with my band in Skeeno
We tried to keep things friendly
So hard when things have ended
Punk rock blamed for our decline
she said it ruined her and mine