Перевод песни The Plus Ones – Nowhere To Go But Up

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Whoa, dear I'm heavy hearted
'Cause it's very clear why we have parted
You said you'd miss me but you couldn't stay
with so much I wouldn't say
If I didn't count on missing you too
Well then, now you know I do Whoa, now I never told you
Told you how it felt just to hold you
I may have neglected to make you aware
of how much I really care
In case that was something I need to prove
Well then, now you know I do So if you want to hear «I do»
Then only take me back to you again and I will say
this to you every day
Whoa, I hated expression
but I'd like to try to make a confession
There always was something I wanted to say
but I never found the way
So if I forgot to mention I love only you
Well then, now you know I do