Перевод песни The Plus Ones – All The Boys

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You say it's your first time backstage at the Troubadour
At the Troubadour, at the Troubadour
But I get the feeling that's been said by you before
By you before, you before
I'll admit I'm flattered that you're always at the shows
Always at the shows, always at the shows
And I wish that mattered but then that's just how it goes
That's how it goes, how it goes
You're very slick when you're not being coy
But I'm on to your tricks and I'm wise to your ploys
And I bet you say that to all the boys
To all the boys, all the boys
You're quite good at telling me just what I wanna hear
What I wanna hear, what I wanna hear
And you do a bit more than just talk, that much is clear
That much is clear, much is clear