Перевод песни Big D And The Kids Table – Can't Be Caught

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Home town hamilton quiet place want
To leave good friends good times my
Old car singing beach camp sight river
Woods swilly night caught police, can't
Leave, can't change, can't stop
Another week, gotta stay i gotta stay
Right here and now gotta stay stuck
Right in my town gotta stay this place
Was great back then for me gotta stay
It's not exactly were i wanna be, when
Your life's built like a cell — you can't find
A way out — when your life's built like a
Cell — stuck inside my whole life (repeat)
(we can't be caught, we can't be caught
We can't be caught, no we can't be caught
In a four wall way of life i won't be caught
I won't be caught, i won't be caught
No i won't be caught cause i can see
More than in sight) work hard shit job
No respect killing me lose sight lose
Time friend girl can't meet make rent
Food drinks soap lights tv, can't leave
Can't change, can't stop another week
Gotta stay (repeats) (chorus) (repeats)
It's hard when you're stuck in your town
And you can't get ut (chorus) (repeats)