Перевод песни Link 80 – Addiction

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Two faces of Addiction
It's always an addiction
That makes your life an all out race
So face your
'cause when you race addiction
You'll always end up in second place
You cannot rely on the drug or the drink
They can't save you forever doesn't matter what you think
Addiction finds a way to make you not understand
The reason why you seem to be stuck without a plan
Fact of the matter is that it's you against you until your number gets pulled
The cradle fell because the bough broke and now the piper wants his payment in full
It seems to me that you're addicted to pain
You're used to everything not going your way
You're searching high and low for a better way to think
But it always leads you back
To the drug and the drink
You say that it's your savior, but both you and i know
That that's a bunch of fucking bull
You bit the hand that feeds you, now you got no place to go and the piper wants
his payment in full
Let's go