Перевод песни Triumph – Don't Take My Life

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I know there’s a time
For living
I’m aware of that
We all must die
But why must my young life
End so soon
Such a shame
To weep and cry
In the night
Someone is calling
And in my mind
A picture remains
People say
I’ve gone half crazy
People say that I’m insane
Don’t take my life
Away from me Don’t take my life,
Set me free
A fire is burning
And time is driftin' away
They say that I killed
My dear brother
This terrible crime I didn’t do Even my own momma said
Baby what’s come over you
People judge and peer
Down at me As tears stream
Down my face
I can’t find a reason
Or any rhyme
I think there must be Some mistake
As only I stand witness
To my plea
People shake their heads
And pity me Sentencing has dealt
The final blow
To live my life
Remaining on death row