Перевод песни Mr. President – Take Me To The Limit

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I hear your steps when you walk
And I love the way you talk
Just can’t forget your smile
Baby, I like your style
Come and stay for the night
Everything will be alright
My devotion never stops
Take it to the top
I’ve been crying in the rain, Deep down feel my pain
Are you longing for much
Girl, I’m burning for your touch
All I need is just a smile
I can’t wait a while
You love it, I live it
I take it to the limit
Give me Passion
Free me, heal me
Hear my body talk:
So take me to the limit
Take me to the point
Take me to the limit, take me to the limit
Take me to the point
Take me to the, take me to the, take me to the limit
Rap 2: No love like yours
In the whole wide world
It’s precious like a pearl
It’s turn me up and down
And in and out
Makes me feeling strong and proud
So take me to the limit
When I’m turning off the light
My body starts to shiver
I’ve been searching for you
All around the world
And now you’re mine — you’re mine