Перевод песни The Lemonheads – Baby's Home

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My indecision is causing me pain
It’s hard to conceal it and it’s harder to name
But before I leave for work here’s some words that might hurt
But it’s something that I have to say
Think about me when he calls around three
The time that you know I’m not at home
All that I ask is our promises last
'Til the time I can stand on my own
When a horse breaks a leg then it’s best to shoot it
Cause it’s quick and it eases the pain
When a marriage is dying tell me who does the firing
And who is to say who’s to blame?
You may think I went to work but I took the day off
And I watched him as his car pulled in the drive
And although my heart’s hurtin', my shotgun is workin'
And it packs one hell of a surprise!
Think about me when he calls around three
Cause guess what, your baby’s home
I’ll cut you in half with a double shot blast
And I’ll pound on his head with a stone
'Til I think I can stand on my own