Перевод песни Sister Hazel – Green (Welcome To The World)

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Welcome to the world, oh yeah
A very unusual place
Don’t let that scare you
Welcome to the world, oh yeah
It’s in your face
It’s all around you
Well it can’t go on and on forever
So let it go
And hold on tight
It’s all so new
Yeah you’re so green
But I’ll cover you
So enjoy the view
Yeah you’re so green
Until you balance on the earth to find that love
Surrounds you
Welcome to the world, oh yeah
It’s not your typical space
Just let it hold you
Welcome to the world, oh yeah
Don’t quit the race
Let it unfold you
Anywhere you go
I’m gonna be one step behind you
You may not know
But I’ll be there
Welcome to the human race
It’s a very unusual place
But that’s what makes it wonderful
Now your world has just begun
You’re a very unusual one
And that’s what makes you beautiful
Well it can’t go on and on and on forever
So let it go
It will go on and on and on forever
When you go
So hold on
Hold on
Welcome to the world oh yeah