Перевод песни Danielson – Pottymouth

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Rachel: Hey, Meg! I heard you went on a date last night
Megan: Oh yeah? Who’d you hear that from?
Rachel: Your old lady told me. You know she can’t keep a secret. How was it?
Megan: Well, he picked me up at seven. He looked pretty good. He even opened
the door for me. I knew I saw something good beneath that bad boy facade.
We were driving to the bowling alley, got a flat tire. He got out and started
changing it, but it seemed to take forever. So I rolled down the window to ask
him if everything was okay, ya know? There was a huge crash, and I think the
car fell on his foot or something. I dunno, Rach. He started… started mumbling
this strange language. Something… something I’d never heard before
Rachel: What do you mean?
(Man screaming unintelligibly in background.)
Megan: I can’t explain it. He just kept mumbling this strange language over and
over again
Rachel: Well, what happened next?
Megan: I didn’t say anything to him. He got back in the car and we continued
driving to the bowling alley. I could tell his foot was kind of sore.
We got to the bowling alley and started to bowl a serious game.
I kept getting strikes so that was really cool. He wasn’t doing too well and
started getting mad. In the last frame he tried to show off and did a little
spin. I felt so bad for him — he dropped his ball on his bad foot by accident.
Then I heard him speaking that strange language again
(Man screaming unintelligibly.)
Rachel: The same exact language?
Megan: Yeah. He didn’t stop for a long time. I just looked at him and I thought,
«What's this all about?»
Rachel: Well, how did it end?
Megan: He drove me back to the house after I beat him totally. He limped out of
the car and shuffled with me to my front door. He told me that he had a great
time and asked me for another date. I kinda just stood there thinking, «How am I gonna say, 'No way'?» Then —
Rachel: And then?
Megan: He got this silly, glassy, romantic look in his eye and…
Rachel: And what?
Megan: He leaned in for a kiss!
Man: Hey baby (unintelligible vocals, kissing sounds)
Rachel: He didn’t!
Megan: Oh yes, he did! He leaned in for a kiss, and you know what I did?
Rachel: Tell me, tell me!
Megan: I just pushed him away and told him where it’s at!
Won’t kiss no pottymouth!
Away with pottymouth!
Zip up that pottymouth!
Tough talk now walk!
Now walk!