Перевод песни Danielson – Singers Go First

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Papa pushed me out the boat again
My morning face says I cannot swim
Did not eat again with our no fear sweaters on
I can say, yes, I can say, oh no
Sobbers to singers come one and all
We live every day as our last not moved
By what we see and is blastin' from the past
We who have breath, good and bad
We're gonna sing the wide
And long and high and deep, oh lord
(You're the voice from where we belong)
Front line sing along singers soften walls
Boasting and roasting have come and gone
No competition flesh and blood, dartz to the hartz
Shalom freedom fighters sail the flood
We who have tongues outta control
And in all the tune we who have lips, happy and sad
Gonna sing the wide and long
And high and deep, oh lord
When it's all our war, send the singers forth
In Him we live move and do become
Doers do and beings be, a spirit milk consistency