Перевод песни Danielson – Daughters Will Tune You

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Daughters they tune you
They’re bringing the sweetness to me
To my eyes and mind purity
Compassionate societies
Oh Daughter your faith has healed. Rejoice!
Your King comes to you, gentle on a donkey
So shout and be glad
Daughter He does live among us
And the Nations have joined
We are called His children
And the Nations are joined
No war horses but only broken battlebows
Proclaiming peace to the nations
His rule extends from the sea to the sea
From the river to the ends of all the earth
You are no longer called desolate
Shake off your dust rise up sit enthroned
Free yourself from the chains on your neck
You were sold for nothing and
Without money you are redeemed
You are daughters you are sons
As Papa and His son is one
And as we’re strollin' speaking truths
The Spirit runs