Перевод песни Danielson – A Meeting With Your Maker

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Learned my thees and thous
Feel I've paid my dues
I'm off to roam this town
Doc tells me that I'm dyin'
That I'm on my way out
Been to the halo house
Let me tell ya
It's all pretty there
There's a fellowship of love
Happening in this town
Foreign exchange at high noon
All that matters will be there
From whom all blessings flow
I use my hungry eyes
My 5% brain
I am the mystery, the Christ in me
Once fought with the pervert kid
I fell down
Once thought that my aim was true
I knew it but I blew it
In the name of the one who made you tick
We's offerin' you peace!
When you're in pieces we's offering you peaces