Перевод песни Danielson – Animal In Every Corner

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O.K. Papa!
Here is what I'm gonna do for you.
I got a fine plan, and you'll love it too.
I'll run ahead, you catch up soon,
I'm movin' through, it's what I'm gonna do.
You're walkin' slow, so I'll run ahead,
I'll let you know how it goes and here I go.
WHAT?! Is this animal here in my way,
where is it from, what's it trying to say
«Do it and PLAY my BOY
Do it your way, play all the day!»
Following hartz are coasting down the tracks.
the universe is unfolding as the yells and whispers,
words they do stumble but the Word it does stand.
You walk ahead, I follow behind,
you seen the game plan ahead of time.
The vision is yours, excitement is mine.
Let's have our hand in hand all the time to time.
Get the ANIMAL right outta my ways
and cancel all my exposés.
I've tried it my way and I did it my way.
I don't get it!
I just don't get it!
I really don't get!