Перевод песни Throw Me The Statue – Conquering Kids

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On the dock and inject with the conquering kids bust the light of our fate
I release to that study date
We got far strip that plant of its part and we’ll see if it takes
But here it is this is all we gave
Its the awkward locker kids looking brave
The city threw a king in my hand
A new york screen believe in me we draw out a western stead
But somethings going on around here
I am yours but you ran to make your western beds
What were we thinking bout then
Bricks look nice but we can’t match the price and we need to find space
This life blinks in pale ways
My misty friend I almost quit when the (grey up?) ends
Well here it is this is all I am
A field herded man seeking in
The city threw a kink in my head
Jaded in the habits that used to chase my flame
A conquering goes on around here
I am yours how you ran thats how we pretend
I was young once but not today
I was making ground and then things changed
Kill the orphan the blood and the age and the itch in my toes
Spin the ovule that tares us out of every blow
Still it burns some to stand so close