Перевод песни Throw Me The Statue – Take It Or Leave It

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I met a girl that met a boy long before me
But we fell deep, God how those two weeks were glory!
Now I sit here, graceless
And watch the coffee cup regret that I poured this
See I get nerves when I sense mutilation
I do my math with a cold amount of reason
As the Cars sang «Teen things»
And bound around, so equipped with a feeling
Don’t you understand?
Don’t you understand when I say «So Sonya
Take it or leave it,»
So Sonya, Take it or leave it
I get sad around a lack of motivation
I cannot change the way that distance rearranged us
And it tears my heart out
To out-heart a girl who’s got my number
My friends support what I completely believe in
We invest hope in what your boyfriend disagrees with
But we can’t unfate this
So can we unbelieve that fate moves the pieces?
Don’t you understand?
Don’t you understand when I say, «So Sonya
Take it or leave it.»
So Sonya
Take it or leave it