Перевод песни Magnolia Electric Co. – No Moon On The Water

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No moon on the water
The way I’m acting it’s no wonder
The blues come and I can’t outrun ‘em
I ain’t foolin' me
I ain’t foolin' no one
I have to work hard to suffer alone
I have to work hard to be so alone
Don’t like half of who I’ve been
But I’ve kept my promises to all of them
Tie my wings behind my back
Cut out my eyes and baby fill ‘em with lead
Cut off my head and put the black mule’s there
And trade my heart for a fire
Fill my bones with the grey wolf’s ghost
Face us to the shore
Give me one single reason to live
To try anymore
And it don’t have to be good
It don’t have to be good
It don’t have to be good