Перевод песни Magnolia Electric Co. – Nashville Moon

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
How many ghosts will I meet on the road
That depends
How hard you running
And that depends
Which ones you know and which ones know that you’ll be coming
How far away is that Nashville moon
That depends
Where did she leave you
And how many miles til my mistakes catch up
That depends
Which ones you’re counting
And that depends
What you’re forgetting again
Does it matter whose side I’m on
Or does that depend
Baby on the fight
Does it matter that every star fell from the sky
Or does that depend
Baby on the night
How far away is that Nashville Moon
That depends
Which road you taking
I’ve been on that road and it was darkness end to end
And I just headed for the dark again
How far am I from living my whole life
Only in the dark (x2)
I’d say friend
You know that depends on how close you are