Перевод песни Damien Jurado – What Were The Chances

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When I left you alone to fight your battles
Of long winters and motels what went through your mind?
How is it that you made it?
How is it that you noticed?
It wasn’t me who was looking at you
Through foggy glass or windows, it was them
I was out in Coolidge with my head on a counter
Drinking down my chances to ever return to anyone
No I wasn’t faking it, the hurt I felt was real
And all that was holy just slowly disappeared
Or just appeared in parking lots of truck stops
The blinking lights, and now all I’m thinking is
«How the hell did I get here?»
Does your husband know I call you sweetheart?
Does he know that I call you at all?
It’s not like you are cheating we’re only meeting
In hotels and not your home
Would you change your last name to mine?
I think my kids would mind
I think my kids would mind
I was in the desert waving planes and burning phone books
To a tune that was famous the year I was born
Do not leave me dancing alone
Pick up the phone and call me lover
Say come and get me I am home
Please pick up the phone
Please pick up the phone