Перевод песни Damien Jurado – I Had No Intentions

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He motioned to me from across the street
His arms waving madly «Come over to me»
I saw the panic as he approached
We both ran quickly to the house
Where the windows were shot out
He lay there bleeding on the floor
My mother beside him screaming «Dear Lord…
Someone shot my boy»
I held his hand 'til the ambulance came
And onto a stretcher they took him away
I followed close from the car behind
The lights and the sirens both dull in my mind
November 9
Killed by a bullet from a jealous gun
It rattled his eyelids and pierced through his lungs
The damage is now done
He was seem by her lover the night before
Swearing to kill him outside her door
To her defense my brother walked out
Raising his fist and screaming «Get out…
It’s me she’s with now!»
Hotel hospital the tears burned my eyes
I slipped into nighttime and deep into dying
Without even trying