Перевод песни Trick Trick – Big Mistake

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If you wanna step, then step
C’mon, uh
I know I might be making a big mistake baby (by leaving you baby)
But you know I vow to never do you wrong (never do you wrong)
Some people use love as an excuse to liiiiiie (but IIIIII)
Just don’t wanna lead you onnnnnnn (just don’t wanna lead you on baby)
C’mon, we started out as just friends and all was well
But came addicted to conversation like under a spell
I was young and troublesome, got sent to the pen
My baby mama was trippin, saw you as more than a friend
Told me it’s better than the cemetary
Or kept sendin me money orders for commissary
I made time fly, time to get my head together
From zoom-zooms and wham-whams to all the letters
Though it’s confusin tryin to figure what to do
Instead of missin my homeboys I’m missin you
I got parole so it’s finally I’m feelin free
You had a place so you only wanted to be with me
On top of that paid all the bills 'til I was on my feet
Told me to stay with my music and stay up out the streets
I had to love ya, even though it’s long gone
I never thought that I would see the day to write a song
That go like this
I’ll be a gangsta 'til I decide to change my life
And you was willin to understand and became my wife
What was life like? Sorta like movies and fairy tales
I never figured it would turn into horrors and scary tales
From a good to a bad dream I’m feelin it yet
All the pain in last past I’ll never forget
I’m hearin good things never last
Heavily feelings inside to see my baby laugh
She growin up, paid attention to her every step
And after so many years that’s all we had left
It was enough for me, father watch my baby girl
Cause when she ain’t with her daddy she in another world
I know she hatin this, everybody knows I tried
Even forgave this woman she chose to still lie
So what am I to do? Stick around and be a fool?
Might be a fool in love but I can’t be wit’chu, uh-uh
I liked it, damn near wrecked my SOUL, tryin to figure you out
Couldn’t believe some of the things was comin outta yo' mouth
Excuses in past tense, that feelin alone
You ain’t leavin a boyfriend, girl you messed up a home
A family was all I ever live fo', now look at you
Never realized the pain that was leavin a family would do
Everythang you’ve done in the past has come back to burn you
Now who you gon' turn to?
Not me, cause you done did what you wanted to do
I got a new life now, and it’s better without you
I hope your lil' fella treat you well
Gotta be stupid, you damn near 36 and he young as hell
C’mon, that ain’t my problem or my beef no mo'
How could a good girl turn into a triflin hoe?
Birds of feather flock together, now ain’t that a bitch?
I shoulda known your whole family ain’t shhhhh
What momma say? (What?)
A hard head make a soft ass, right? (What? Hahaha)
Uh, Trick-Trick, Mr. Porter, Wonderboy