Перевод песни Trick Trick – Let's Roll

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Yup, HOOOO! Yup!
Here we go y’all, yeah!
Huh, Mr. Porter y’all (you gotta make it bounce)
Trick-Trick y’all (cause that’s what’s up)
Uh-huh, c’mon c’mon (c'mon, you gotta make it bounce)
Runyon Ave y’all (boy, cause that’s what’s up)
Good Sqwad y’all, Wonderboy y’all (let's roll)
Now money ain’t a problem if you’re rollin with me
All you gotta do is make it happen for me
And let’s roll, roll, roll, roll
Now let’s, now let’s, now let’s go
Now ain’t nobody trippin, we just want a relief
Bend a couple corners, maybe hit up parties
So let’s roll, roll, roll, roll
Now let’s, now let’s, now let’s go
Let’s, c’mon
Yeah, uh-huh
Ay Trick, you gotta love it!
C’mon baby, let’s go
It’s 10 o’clock in the AM, I’m feelin alright
My folks havin a backyard party tonight
Hit the shower for an hour, and brush my grill
Call Diezel to make sure he ain’t puttin pork on the grill
Call J up, pour Cristal on the Mile, what’s up
I need a case of everything that’ll fit in the trunk
of the six, huh, maybe I’ll drive the five
I don’t know; feel like a kid at the candy sto'
Or I might get the 6−3, that sit on 13's
With sixteen Cali niggaz know what I mean
And it’s all to the green, I gots to hit my stash
cause I don’t know another way, I can watch this cash (c'mon!)
Yup, I gots to roll through the hood and see
It’s some 21 year olds wanna roll with me
I’d beat, hop on in, is that yo' friend? She can go
Long as she ready to ride, now let’s roll
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Uh-huh, you gotta love it!
Yeah! Mr. Porter!
See I ain’t into all of the fightin and fussin and foolin
In front of a club, what the fuck y’all provin?
You ain’t 'bout your money partner, you ain’t movin
When I’m about mine pimpin I ain’t losin
How else can I pay for the G5?
Wrist glistenin, don’t it look good in the rides?
ERRRT! Ladies heads go ERRRT!
When they think a nigga is paid
Flip flap paint, still look good in the shade
But wait, pull a little off a click, little alpha blade
And what you say, say?
Lil' more for Bugz, Jam Master Jay
that, paved the way for us to make
a lil' more money than we did back in the day
And, word to my daughter T bay-bay
Give you a nice and easy for sayin them bulk
when really money ain’t a problem if you’re rollin with me, me
Yo, these lil' young girls whylin out
Told 'em chill, we on the way to my momma’s house
Pimped out, placed my right hand on her thigh
And the beam from VVS, hit her in the eye like HIIIII
I used to think that they was blowin me off
Now they takin me to they momma’s and they showin me off
Now they momma’s ready to ride, I got the clique Antone
He in a, E-S V with 26-inch chrome
We gotta, get to this party and crank it up
In a six full of ass wanna spank it up
That’s what’s up, food and drink with some bad hoes
I’m lovin to see 'em steppin with them pedicured toes (ohh!)
Today’s the day, tonight’s the night
A backyard party and it ain’t no fights
Who footin the whole bill? Anybody wanna go?
Long as you know that you out for the night, so let’s roll
Ladies and gentlemen!
I’d like to thank you all for comin out tonight
Detroit City, Runyon Ave
Wonderboy, Trick-Trick, Mr. Porter
Let’s GO! WOO!