Перевод песни Ashford & Simpson – One More Try

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To be with you is nice
Though our love seems on ice
Have we felt what it takes to give it one more try?
Just to see you tonight
Many wrongs we’ve felt so right
Gonna try if I might to give it one more try
Just to kiss like before
Is all I am hoping for
Gonna reach back for to give it one more try
To recall all we had
Really doesn’t seem so bad
Is it asking too much to give it one more try?
Why not give it one more try?
Why not give it one more try?
One more try, one more try
Trying times aren’t new
Many things we’ve been through
Can you find it in you to give it one more try?
Take the good memories
That’s the way it’s gonna be
I need you, you need me to give it one more try
Repeat Refrain