Перевод песни Bad Ronald – Lost on Tour

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Now we lost on tour
Searching for the cure
Running from the law
Now we want some more
We be lost on tour
Searching for the cure
Running from the law
Now we want some more
Now you know I wanted more from the get up when I started
I be the A Double Dog and I love to get retarded
When we board the bus, I hold my own
But I love to make connections, when we far from home
Phone on roam, I call this guy
Score that cure, so we can all stay high
Now why be dry, I steady stash my shit
Dancing at the club, trying to take a hit
Or just out drunk driving, smoking what we bought
Hold it down as we roll, so we don’t get caught
Score it, pack it, pass it around
And you know you can’t test, the champion sound
I don’t know which way to go
I can’t miss this fuckin' show
Oh my God. Why did I smoke so much weed?
Now I’m all schizophrenic, paranoid: shit is hectic
Won’t someone please come and help me
Yo Kaz Gamble take a long deep breath
You need another drink and a hit you’re a mess
I don’t know, A Double, I think I need a shower
But we’re on at the Garden in one half hour
Voice I heard before as I run for the door
And I’m really not sure what they chase me for
Can’t find my stash can’t find my cash
Got a roach on a clip but it just won’t last
Hurry and I worry as they follow my path
They got they eyes on me, it’s a feeling I have
But I can’t get made I’m trying to smoke
I know them laws, but I find it a joke
You could take this quote, let it mean what you like
I smoke weed every day I smoke weed every night
But the man who decides how I live my life
Now he call me an addict and the shit ain’t right
Now they chase me car, tie my hands
But I’m minding my own, so I don’t understand