Перевод песни Adam Sandler – Fatty McGee

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M1: «Ms. Murphy is such a pain, man.»
M2: «We just had a test a week ago. Now we gotta take another one tommorrow.
This sucks!»
M1: «And it counts for 80 percent of our grade.»
M2: «Well we better study our butts off.»
M1: «Well we came to the right place, the ever so quiet library.»
M2: «Ok, enough talking, let's study!»
M1: «All right.»
M2: «Uh oh»
M1: «Oh no! Fatty McGee is coming. We'll never get any studying done with him
in the library.»
M2: «Oh god, he's taking the stairs! That means he's going to be way out of
M1: «Oh no, he's going to sit with us.»
Fatty: «Hey fellas, studying for the big test?»
M1: «Uh, yes Fatty, we were.»
Fatty: «Great! I'll join ya.»
M2: «Hey Fatty, why don't you go to the bathroom 'till you catch your breath?»
Fatty: «No, no, I'm catching it!»
M1: «Ok, ok Fatty, but try to keep the wheezing level down, we're trying to
Fatty: «Sure, no problem.»
M1: «Oh man.»
Fatty: «This test counts for eighty percent of our grade, you know.»
M1: «Yes Fatty, we know, we just said that.»
M2: «Fatty! Please keep it down!»
M2: «Is he sleeping!?»
M1: «No, it's his deviated sceptum. Seriously Fatty, keep the breathing down.»
M2: «Ahh geez Fatty, what's wrong with you!?»
Fatty: «I'm trying.»
M1: «Fatty, you know what's going to happen! Stop breathing so heavy!
Please we gotta study!»
M2: «Oh no, that one's going to do it!»
M2: «Fatty, the fire department thinks the fire alarm went off again!»
Fatty: «I'm sorry!»
Fireman Ray: «Fire! Man the building!»
M1: «Sorry Fireman Ray, it's not the fire alarm.»
Fireman Ray: «Fatty McGee, is that you again!?»
Fatty: «Yes.» «Sorry.»
Fireman Ray: «Didn't we tell you not to take the stairs anymore!?»
Fatty: «But I like the stairs!»
Fireman Ray: «Why!?»
Fatty: «They're fun!»
Fireman Ray: «Oh Fatty McGee, you're the fattest!»