Перевод песни Audio Two – Put It 2 Music

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
People call me Milk, cause Milk is my name
MC am I, and I are the same
People call me Milk, because I like it that way
MC am I, is what I say
Now put it to music, I didn’t have the time
To put a dope beat to this def rhyme, so
I did the lyrics, you do the beat
Then put it to music, will be complete, the
«Super Producer» -- is Giz and me
I can’t forget Daddy-O because he’s D the
«Super Producer» -- is K.C. and Paul
Like hardcore we’ve got it all
«My attitude is hyper» -- you can ask Giz
That’s how it was and that’s how it is
Wo-word to Big Bird boy, we can we can do this
«I-I-I got mine so» let’s get through this
«I'm gettin busier» can’t you tell
«I got the rhymes» that sound so well
«My way» is better, got it good
If you didn’t know well now you should
«Why does it scratch?» because it’s me
«What is it a blizzard?» «Hell no!» It’s Milk D
«We got some non-believers out there» Where?
I get the paper so I don’t care
About what «they ask» and I say not you
Since you understood -- I’m through