Перевод песни Audio Two – I Like Cherries

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Yo man, I love me some apples
Get out of here, pears are the move
Pears? Peaches are the move
Peaches? I like bananas («Brooklyn style»)
and grapes are sour, AHH, I'll ask for more
AHH, I'll ask for more
I like cherries cause cherries taste better
and grapes are sour
Yo Milk... what kind of fruit, do you like?
I don't like bananas, I don't like peaches
I don't like fruit I bite and it screeches
If a lime's to a lemon and a lemon's to a lime
Why do cherries taste better, all the time?
I don't know about that but you just shouldn't miss
Just sit back relax and yo, bust this
A philosopher once said
that «life is a bowl of cherries»
AHH, I'll ask for more
«Milk D, from the Audio Two»
«From the Audio Two»
«Gizmo, Gizmo»
«Go for yours"(3X)
«Go for yours while I go for mine»
Yo Milk, what kind of pie do you like?
I don't like those that's old and stale
With burnt up crust and fruit that's pale
Yo Gizmo man, what kind of GIRLS do you like?
I like the girls that pass the test
And I like those girls that are so...