Перевод песни Sister Sledge – Lost In Music

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Have you ever seen some people lose everything?
First to go is their mind
Responsibility to me is a tragedy
I'll get a job some other time
I want to join a band and play in front of crazy fans
I call that temptation
Give me a melody. That's all that I ever need
The music is my salvation
We're lost in music; caught in a trap
In the spotlight
The band plays so very tight
Each and every night
It's not vanity. To me
It's my sanity
I could never survive
Some people ask of me: What are you gonna be?
Why don't you go get a job? All that I can say:
I won't give up my music
Not me
Not now
No way
No how
We're lost in music
Caught in a trap
Caught in our muslc
No turning back. We're lost in music
We're lost in music — don't take away our music
Feel so alive
I quit I quit my nine-to-five. Yeah
We're lost in music
We're lost in music melody is good to me
Caught in a trap
I'm caught
Oh baby
No turning back. No
We're lost in music
We're lost in music