Перевод песни Firefall – Sweet and Sour

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Sweet and sour
Sweet and sour
Sweet and sour
Sweet and sour
Sweet one I don’t understand
When was it that we got this way
And it happened quickly
We had nothing left to say
Our romance gone sour
Long before the final hour
Don’t ask why (you never did before)
How am I supposed to know (just face it)
Let’s just say goodbye (I'd only hurt you more)
Let’s just let it go Sweet one now so far away
Already with some other man
And it happened quickly
As if to show me that you can
Life on the road won’t change
But life at home is not the same
Don’t ask why (you don’t believe in me)
How am I supposed to know (I… don’t believe in you)
Hard to say goodbye (it wasn’t meant to be)
Hard to let it go (oh yeah)
Honey we had something special
I wonder how we let it get away
All the sweet love I remember
Seem to taste so bitter-sweet today
And it took a long time
For the damage to accumulate
And it’s such a thin line
Lyin' in between our love and hate
Chorus (repeated until fade)