Перевод песни Paul Wall – I'm Real, What Are You?

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Hello World, wassup everybody?
I'm speaking to all the people out there
There comes a time to where you have to know who you are
(Dipset, Skoal game)
And what you are to overcome things
Oh and by the way, My name is KLC
The drum man, you heard me?
But this not about me, This is about the People's Champ
From Houston Texas, my partner, Paul Wall
Tell em who you are!
I'm a real mothafucka what are you? (what are you?)
I'm a real mothafucka what are you? (what are you?)
I'm gettin money, stayin' true, chasin' paper, what it do?
I'm a real mothafucka what are you? (what are you)
I'm grindin' like a rotor and I'm postin' like a sticky note
Stackin' up that paper, pockets fatter than a dukie rope
Boyz lookin' sick but that doctor got that antidote
Hatin cuz they broke, suckas fake as a 30 spoke
I'm watchin the stock quotes, I'm real as a pac
But these clowns be actin funny like a knock knock joke
They cramp on my style cuz I got money and power
My paper long as the nile, so how them haters like me now?
Them bustas on the prow, so I'm ten tokes down
I'm puttin' all ya'll to sleep, so put on your night gown
Some tatoos and a ice grill don't make you real
These cats be actin frauder than a 4 dollar bill
I'm a gun holdin', blunt smokin', paper chasin', lady banger
Fly boy, somethin' like a aviator, HA
Yeah, I'm you girls super hero, her caped crusader
So go head and hate me cuz I hate a hater
It take money to make money, I said
You gotta have dough to make bread where I'm from
I ain't chew, get it? I stay true with it
Barbed wire flow, don't get tangled in it
Real nigga yes, all about the hustle
Till I get that call from God sayin', «I want you»
I been through it, I past struggle
That's why every day I'm in the street trying to complete a math puzzle
White coupe, pedal mashed down
Seats soft like I sat on hash brownies
I get money, don't ask me, ask 'round
Big money like I work downtown
I'm one hundred but them other boys frontin'
They just sideline commentating, we call it dumb fuckin'
They sweet as apple pie, as they spreadin them lies
They smile up in your face but so quick to jump
You swear they so cool but they turn like doorknobs
They say they hardcore but they friendlier than Spongebob
I'm tryin' to stay afloat, stayin' up on my note
So that highness is what I tote, affordin' the overcoat
I roll with a platoon that'll put you in your tomb
And then mark up your body like Mr. Cartoon
Its real in these streets when you chasin' that guap
Cuz that hatin' around the clock
Will it ever stop? Probably not