Перевод песни Paul Wall – Gimme That

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I’ve been hustlin' on the grind, slow motion on the 'crete
Posted on the corner in my kicks and starch creased
Chasin' a meal ticket, so it’s shortage on the sleep
I’m addicted to fast money, so there’s be us a steep
Peep the way a hustler, move out earnin' my keep
But speak about my profit and take smoke up out the heat
You playin' hide and seek but them games need to cease
If you rather we make peace then you break me off a piece
I need every piece of my cash, put that paper in my fist
Better give me my interest or you be ceasin' to exist
I’m tired of all that runnin', time to man up and pay
I need retribution now or you’ll be in for a bad day
I’ve been on the grind, chasin' paper all over the Texas state
From Dallas to San Antonio, my resume is great
I’ve been holdin' my weight for that paper, I can’t wait
Give me every dollar you owe me partner, don’t you dare be late
And look, make no mistake, I’m so serious about my paper stackin'
So get it straight, I’m so serious about this pistol packin'
No slackin', don’t come up short on not a single penny
Yeah, I got plenty but you owe me oh so many
Gimme them Benjamins and Grants, Gimme them Jacksons and them Georges
Either you gonna bring me this bread or get lit up like torches
I need my money now partner, come up off of my cake
Betta hook me up like bait or you’ll be floatin' off in the lake
I’m on the grind increasin' the stock with 6 O’s in the stash spot
With my mind on cash hand on Glock
Gettin' money, evading cops
Milk and honey, I need that guap
All that runnin', it’s time to stop
Gimme that bread or get this lead
All that cash that big ol' knot
You owe me but you be actin' like you don’t know me
But the next time that I see you, ya have better have somethin' for me
I’m hustlin', I’m grindin' and I’m stackin' up that paper
I’m a bread breaker baby, cake chaser, money maker
My mind up on them dollas you neglectin' to pay
Any means by every way, I need my paper today
So gimme your watch, gimme your car
Even your socks or your shoes
It’s time for you to pay your dues
Or you gon' lose partner