Перевод песни Paul Wall – On the Grind

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I’m on the grind all day until the sun go down
Puttin' paper in my pockets, grindin all year round
I’m on the block with the gangstas stayin two toes down
I’m on the grind
I’m on the grind all night until the sun come up
Countin' cash up in the cut, tryin' to make me a buck
I’m making moves, stacking paper cuz I’m handlin' all
I’m on my grind
Check me out baby
I got money on my mind, big Frank on my brain
Intoxicated by visions of chains and diamond rings
One thing here to obtain is fortune forget the fame
Been ballin' since back in the game been changin' the strings
These lames tend to complain, its a goddamn shame
You think you flyer than a plane but you washed up in the drain
Baby pick the picture frame, its all work no play
My hustle schedule is simply all night all day
I’m snapping like paparazzi, I’m plotting on Maserati
Been grindin' since lotty dotty, trying to earn that pay
Collecting that green paper, I’m scheming and pulling
I’m giving these broads the vapers from the fold to the tray
I’m on the grind
Let me tell you a bit about myself
My hustle is Godzilla, my muscle is King Kong
My mind is Einstein, my flow is off the dome
My grind is dope feen, addicted to counting green
My money is Bill Gates, my ballin is Yao Ming
I’m not impressed with bling, I’m more concerned with ching
Grinding since I was a teen, money over everything
See I’m all about that paper stacks and bank rolls
The Lacs all fo’s with drank cold and dank roll
Hustle is my hobby inspired by Jonny Gotti call me
Give me the wallet because its time to collect
VS up in the jonny watch shining so clear
The face look like a mirror call it time to reflect
I’m on the grind