Перевод песни John Butler Trio – Gov Did Nothin'

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Way on down where they’ve been forgotten
City just sinking with the whole world watching
Wading waist deep in water, living on my roof in the land of forgotten
Hey, to the deaf giant with the big muscles why ya moving so slow
Con, conquer and dividing, hole in the bucket got nothing to show
G be Indiana-Jones-ing
Digging up the east stealing dinosaur bones-ing
Hey, he don’t dream of stopping
Chasing his tail trying to find Bin Laden
Hell, is what he living
It’s not what you can get, it’s about what ya giving
Hey and I know you won’t admit it
Ya stepped in the puddle and you know what was in it
Another storm coming, you better cover head
Sh! t gonna hit the fan, gov did nothin'
Oh my god, the gov did nothin'
Now I don’t wish to offend
No I don’t wish to start a fight
But do you really think that the gov would do nothing
If all those people were white
Hey, don’t tell me you know the answer
Stranger than fiction and it don’t need romancing
Hey and he think they’re the sinners
He caught up in the race and he think he the winner
Forgotten, for way too long