Перевод песни Paul Wall – That Fire

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I must admit
I like 'em dark skin, light skin, thick and thin
I like 'em every shape, and all types of shades of skin
I like them big thighs, slim waist and pretty eyes
You got my hormones on the rise
So come here girl for this big surprise
Some ladies like it slow, some ladies like it rough
Some like it kinky with them blindfolds and hand-cuffs
I’ll taste your rainbow with it sweet, that’s on the low, keep that descrete
Girl you in for a mid-night treat, so keep it cool cuz I bring the heat
That ass is so bro-bust, that waist is so petite
Put it on me girl, I’m a freak, your climax gon' be complete
Say some words that make you leak
I see you giving me sex faces
You got that ocean? in the swimming inside the oasis
You got an extended cab, thick in all of the perfect spots
Break me off with some of that fire, girl you got that top notch
I know just what you like, this one night that you won’t forget
You like to sweat baby that’s a bet
My special affects gon' make you wet
I’m down in M. I. A., the queen of where I stay
You ho’s is broke ballin, I blow money for play
The diamond princess, I’m pretty like that pink Phantom
Let the top fold, fact the sex is granted
I’ll be your porn star and fuck you in the car
If you can go the distance, one that can take me far
The baddest bitch, I do what I’m saying on these albums
I got a place for ya, if you can fit this magnum
Ride it till you sleep, and make your knees weak
Make me wet like rain, till I can barely speak
Let us spend this paper on me, nah, I ain’t attached
Bitch I ain’t tryin' keep 'em, so you can have 'em back
Baby, your body shape just like a coke bottle
Soft just like some baby skin
Smilin at me from the rear, I love the way that dem lips grin
Girl you top of the line, you surpass just being fine
I must admit that you one of the best, the quarter holds more than just a dime
Your ocean got that motion, baby I’m likin' the way you move
Goin' and let me slide on in, I’ll beat it up but you won’t be bruised
You playing hard to get, ain’t nothing wrong with a little tease
You got one hell of a target, lil mama I ain’t a please
I’m coming with it hard, so go on and take what I got to give
Trust me now I play no games, I make you feel it inside your ribs
Get ready for hot sex, I bring the package like fed-ex
Under the sheets I’m so elite, come get a taste of this T. E. X
I make that bed squeak, I’m well known for laying the wood
Baby girl, you got that good, my game plan is understood
Lay the pipe down just like a plumber, touch cha and make your body shiver
Let me swim up inside yo river, lil mama you know you got that fire