Перевод песни Cham – Girl

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Wave them off, wave them off
Enemies inna yo life wave them off
Wave them off, wave them off
Informers.nuh say nothing
Damn! Di enemies a plot and them a scam
Them doh wanna see yo with baby cham
So them come like a lamb
A tell how I dont give a damn
And how yo deserve to have a better man
A you a wear di wedding band
And diamond a freeze off yo hand
A nuff a them a one night stand
So di enemies a plan fi get between you and yo man
Them woulda mash up yo life if they can
So tell me
Girl how can i make you see that
All di rumours you been hearing nuh me that
Girl can I make it clearer
I will go tru di middle a di nearer
Girl please dont be hasty
What we have and what we share cant be wasted
Girl I love you for sheezy
Good thing dont come easy
Yo seeet them have we bizness outa street
Enemies fi get coffin and wreath
When them come and them a greet
Cham juss smile and show teeth
Cause di whole a dem lie nuh blood cleeeet
Remember when we juss meet
And use to have drama and heat
Me tell yo say a dem use to dweeet
A di same thing a repeat and is like yo still nuh seeet
Dem nuh wha me and you fi live sweet
Hear me nuh
Hear me nuh, what can I say that will get tru to you?
Why can you see that my heart beat for two?
Been so many years and it still feel so new
Allot a who a hate woulda love wear yo shoe
How can you doubt me and this feel so true
How dem fi advise you and them nahve a clue
So tell me how come all a dem up inna yo grill
As late everybody wanna be Dr. Phillbut