Перевод песни 8Ball & MJG – Stand Up

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South niggas stand up,
Weak niggas man-up,
Fuck these niggas that don’t
Show us no love.
Be strong, be a man,
Don’t lie, don’t steal,
Keep it real for as long as you live,
Make money, get fizzy,
The last thing you do,
Don’t matter what he or she do fuck that shit
I can see through anything
You think, you say, you try,
Slick niggas tryin' to get by,
You can’t even look me in my eye,
Go hard to the dirt,
Don’t stop, don’t quit,
Even if you steal, can’t get rich quick,
Like you wanna judge me,
But you don’t know me,
I’m a winner already nigga,
I don’t need a trophy,
MJ fuckin' G,
I’m true I’m straight,
Same old G every day,
You can even check the resume.
Fake niggas hate me,
Real niggas they be
Down with a real nigga, it don’t matter were a real nigga be,
M gang, G C,
Weak niggas can’t beat down
Wanna get found in the rhythm bitch, don’t you make a sound.
My life, my fame,
This a crazy game.
Took it to the pleasure, gotta love the pain.
That’s real, don’t front,
All you niggas on top
Tell these boys gotta work hard so the big checks don’t stop.
Tell them boys gotta keep workin' in the street to get them props.
Tell them boys to run this glock is not a prop.
East coast, West coast, Worldwide, recognize,
Southside, niggas always make that shit so live.
Stand up, stop runnin',
Tighten' up, get right,
Get focused, don’t sleep all day and all night.
Don’t believe it?, Go breath it.
Don’t talk it, but try to walk it.
If you can’t walk a mile in it,
You ain’t get the front cup off it.
Don’t cheat, don’t sell,
No drink, no x,
But every time I come around, I got another knife in my back.
We buck, we krunk, we live it, okay? That’s our culture,
That’s how a young nigga was raised.
They won, gotta fight,
All day, all night.
Just cause everybody wanna piece don’t make this shit right.
Listen up, I’ma
Just say this here once,
8ball &MJG,
Mama didn’t raise no punks.