Перевод песни Toby Lightman – Slippin'

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I’m always taking my time to fall in love
Usually fall behind
I’m always making up lies
To drift away, get you out of my mind
And yes I know it’s not ok
To close my eyes to love this time
Why am I competing
When I know I should let you in
Cause you’ll just keep defeating me until I let
You win my heart
Your love has taken down my guard
Now on your love I’m tripping
For your love I’m slipping
With your love I’m drifting
With your love
You should know it’s not like me
To give my heart away so easily
And you should know I can’t always be
Wearing my soul on my sleeve
I’m know when I’m dreaming
All I dream of is me and you
So why do I keep reaching for something more to
Hold onto when I fall
You love has taken down my walls
Oh it’s not like me to give my heart so easily
Oh I can’t always be wearing my soul on my sleeve
Hey I’m taking my time, fall in love or fall behind
Hey I’m making up lies, drifting away.