Перевод песни Toby Lightman – Don't Wake Me

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If I’m blind, give me eyes to see
If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me
If I’m wrong, please tell me to leave
If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me
There’s things you want
And there’s things you need
Like water to drink and air to breathe
You need love for your heart to last
Cause a life without love’s
A life that should pass
But it’s gotta be right, no it can’t be wrong
But how do you know when two belong
I found a man that I think is good
Is he for real or have I misunderstood?
Oh I need you to tell me true
Is he the one to pull me thought
Or will he push me away?
(If I’m blind)
My favor to ask is a simple task
Don’t be my friend, you gotta try to act
And lure him in with an evil way
Will he hold firm or will you see him sway
Now I know you think tis is in bad taste
But I don’t wanna see your love go to waste
If I find out now before I’m in too deep
Don’t want my heart to break over some kinda creep
(Oh I need you to tell me)