Перевод песни Cheri Dennis – Alright

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Haven’t I been there for you
Now you want to say it’s not working
I did everything you needed
Now why are you acting like that (that)
Boy I’m through dealing with you
I’ve got to get you off my life (my life)
Don’t apologize
I will be alright
Don’t worry
I’ll be okay
I’ll even be better off without you, anyway
Can’t believe I walked away
From everything I knew
Just because you said you needed me (you needed me)
Wish I wasn’t so blind (blind)
Why didn’t I see the signs, oh oh (oh)
I was caught up in the circumstance
Wanted everything to be just like it was (give you everything you needed)
But there’s no return
I so glad I learned
I get the point, you don’t want me any more
No more
I’m not going begging you to stay (begging you to stay)
I won’t trouble you no more (no more)
I’m walking away from you (ahh)
Got to breakaway from you, ahh
My life
I’ll be alright
Don’t you worry, oh
Walk away, run away, oh ah