Перевод песни Cheri Dennis – Waiting

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You know I hate it
When you go away
But you’ll coming
And I’m still waiting
What you give to me stays on my brain
Hours, minutes, seconds
Oh, I’m still here waiting on you
The feeling you give me
When you hold me in your arms
I wish I had that feeling right now
My skin still smells of your cologne
Remember when I had your body right here, oh
As I lay here in a daze
Thinking all about the love we made
Really the night to turn to day
Just want to hold to you
Even as I go about my busy day
Back of my mind can’t get you out of, no, no baby
Stolen moments fantasizing about your touch
I should be focussed but you’re in my head
It’s too much (too much)
Now I’m all in a daze
Thinking 'bout the love we’re going to make
Should have left my emotions in the bed
But they’re here with me instead
Waitin', waitin'
Waitin' on you
Oooh, waiting…