Перевод песни Yung Joc – Picture Perfect

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I'm choppin twenty-fo's, blowin good 'dro
Yeah I got plenty Hoes (but life ain't picture perfect)
Yeah you see the ice, and I dress nice
Make 'em look twice (but life ain't picture perfect)
Yeah I'm blowin on some good lime, skatin down 285
Wouldn't believe half of the shit that's skatin through a nigga mind
745 complimented with leather and wood
Chickens on my dick, cause a nigga fresh and smellin good
Jack boys plottin for my stacks on deck
Wanna put the tech to my chest for the ice on my neck
Oh yeah it's easy to attain it all, harder to maintain it all
If you want a perfect picture only God can paint it dawg
Niggas in these videos with multi-platinum projects
Cain't even get credit cards and they momma stay in projects
How is that? Scracth my head, somethin don't seem right
Your teeth full of ice so when you smile I seen lights
Seems like I'm hatin, I'm just statin the facts
I ain't fin' ta smile in your face and put a blade in your back
Now, now try not to get caught up on the way shit looks
Cause everything ain't picture perfect nigga listen to the hook
Yeah I'm off in Magic City, trickin off on ass and titties
Bitches blowin me kisses, makin me wanna hit it
I must admit it got a good chick and she been holdin me down
But I ain't fuck around, there's too much shit goin 'round
Like the rims on my pickup, scared to get my dick sucked
Nigga run into the clinic even from a hiccup
Pick up the pieces to the fuckin puzzle
I'm affiliated with niggas who murder rob and hustle
Plus you think I'm ballin cause I'm poppin Crist' and spendin G's
I'm just tryin to drink away the pain that killed my nigga Steve
Nigga please, I ain't shit, cookies and cream
Feelin like Marvin, it make me wanna holla and scream
Now half the shit you doin already been done
And that's why half my niggas dead, locked up or on the run
That dope money ain't sufficient, it don't last always
Niggas trap all night, in project hallways
All day long, niggas front like stars
On them big ass rims, that cost more than they cars
Spent three hundred on the outfit, a hundred on some Nikes
But his baby needs wipes diapers and Pedialite
And you probably got a cousin, brother or a friend
And this song sound like him from beginnin to end
Then again it might be me, and I'm tired of the nonsense
Cain't sleep at night cause I got a guilty conscience
Can't you see? Can't you see, can't you see!
Can't you see! Can't you seeeeeeeeeeee
Can't you see